With this communication, we would like to provide some suggestions in terms of small daily gestures in our work that can enable us to save energy but above all reduce our environmental impact without reducing our comfort.

A large part of the energy we consume contributes to a significant increase in pollutant emissions, particularly of carbon dioxide, one of the possible causes of the greenhouse effect, the consequent rise in the earth's temperature and the resulting climate change.

By observing these small measures, each of us will be able to actively contribute to the pursuit of 'sustainable development', i.e. to achieving development that guarantees the needs of present and future generations. And this is a goal and objective that goes far beyond the meaning of the ISO 14001 standard and the certification of the Environmental Management System active in S.A.R.

We are therefore all called upon to contribute to achieving a balance between human activity and development on the one hand and environmental protection on the other.