Tank cleaning and draining

Sar Trasporti ‘s modern facilities for the cleaning and draining of tanks are also open to third parties. External washing of trucks is instead reserved to cooperative members and is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which provides for the following services:

  • Draining of chemical and food tanks, as well as silos;
  • Two lines for manual external washing without operator assistance;
  • Two lines for internal, warm, cold and steam wash;
  • Drainage service for resin and latex with special detergents;
  • Water and steam heating system for tank container.

The washing facilities are open to third parties in the following hours: from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 6,30 PM. Saturday from 7AM to 12,30 AM.

To view the list of non-washable products at the plant, click on the following link.

For details about hours of operation to the public and services offered, please contact the Company headquarters (0544/465011 or sarservizi@sartrasporti.net).